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MathEcoSpirit Academy is an educational initiative that seeks to holistically nurture the human potential. We will provide children with an environment that will enable them to explore the sacred and to become artists of mathematical, ecological, and spiritual creations that will benefit humanity. The school will be the first in the world to implement an innovative K-12 mathematics curriculum based on ideas and principles pioneered by the international community of math circles. Teachers will help children explore mathematical ideas through problem-solving and mathematical modeling, recreating the relaxed atmosphere and style of math circles that will exceed the expectations of the Common Core State Standards. Moreover, we will develop and implement a science curriculum based on principles of the Kids Growing Strong project in California and W.A.L.K.S. Grows Food in Puerto Rico. Teachers will help children-scientists discover how plants, insects, and animals grow in a farm or garden, and how biology, chemistry, geology, physics, and climatology inform our knowledge of the environment. Our lessons will exceed the expectations of the Next Generation Science Standards.

Moving away from the mechanical to the creative, our teachers will assist students in developing those qualities that will allow them to understand the wonders of natural, intellectual, and spiritual creations. Enjoying the journey of learning through inquiry and discovery in a non-competitive environment, teachers will foster in every child the need to understand, explore, and create. As part of this process, the comprehensive assessment of students’ progress will move away from homework and tests, believing that when teachers succeed in nurturing children’s innate love for learning, these become a hindrance to creativity. The academy will also be a strong promoter of agricultural and ecological sustainability. We are looking into Govardhana Eco Village and its implementation of Soil Bio Technology as an inspiration. Moreover, the academy will provide a forum where the entire community can gather to explore the sacred, inquire into the human condition, and practice a mindful approach to life.



  1. Juan E. says:

    An excellent idea for improving and developing mathematical creativity in teaching and learning. To bad that you have to change their place of residence to do so. I do not doubt for a second the succes of your iniciative. I find it remarkable.

  2. Thank you for your inspiring and supportive words!

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