MathEcoSpirit Academy

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First week of classes!

We are happy to share that our first week of classes was both challenging and rewarding. We have received ample support from the community and are already talking about opening a daycare/preschool later this fall, since we have many children that will benefit from it.

Also, a corporate donor visited with us twice this week after finding out about our school. We have begun a dialogue for a joint venture that will bring funding and other resources both to our school project and to the ISKCON New Talavan farm. Our priority is to build a 10-12 apartment complex that will house school personnel and their families since that will allow us to attract good families to our community.


ISKCON New Talavan, Mississippi, USA

 Opening on August 5, 2013


School Grand Opening

Please join us in Carriere, Mississippi as we celebrate the beginning of a great project: MathEcoSpirit Academy. Bhakti Raghava Maharaja will join us for the grand opening at ISKCON’s New Talavan farm community on Monday, August 5, 2013. Maharaja will be holding discussions with the school personnel and supporters on how to improve our educational initiative. He will also give a shortened version of his Dharma Shastri course.

MathEcoSpirit Academy will adhere to the following schedule:

Grades K-2

07:00-08:15 – Philosophy/Theology (“morning program”)

08:15-08:45 – Breakfast

08:45-9:30 – Science at the Farm

9:30-10:15 – Math Circle

10:15-10:30 – Snacks

10:30-11:30 – Language Arts/Character Formation

11:30-12:15 – Sanskrit/Music

12:15-12:45 – Lunch

12:45-13:30 – Spanish

13:30-14:15 – Arts and Crafts

14:15-15:00 – Yoga

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